Media Round-up #2

Still from Tim Falconer's appearance on TVO's The Agenda in the Summer

Tim Falconer on TVO’s The Agenda in the Summer                   


The coverage of Bad Singer continued in the summer. Here’s a new round-up:

• “It’s a remarkable story of dogged determination to prove his own body wrong and, as such, is one of the more illuminating cultural studies of modern times.”
— “Tim Falconer’s Bad Singer is a treatise on understanding our bodies and their true limitations” by Vish Khanna (The Globe and Mail; July 16, 2016)

• “Written in an engaging, self-aware and often self-deprecating voice, Bad Singer is an odyessy musicians and amusics alike can appreciate.”
— “Bad Singer” by Kate Sheridan (McGill News; Spring-Summer 2016)

• “As a reader you can’t help but empathize with Falconer as he struggles through his singing lessons, learning to control his voice even though he can’t always hit the pitches. And you cheer him on when, at the end of his quest, not exactly cured of amusia, he finally faces his audience-and the music.”
— “Hitting the pitches” by Shelley Pomerance (Montreal Centre-Ville Magazine; June 1, 2006)

• “It is a fascinating book and one comes to really root for Falconer who is so determined to understand his weakness and to become a more proficient singer and ultimately, to sing on stage for an audience. I won’t ruin the ending for you but I will highly recommend this informative and highly entertaining book which can lead one to a better understanding of why some can sing arias on the stage and others can sing their hearts out (but perhaps only should when they are in the shower.)”
Review by Angela Meady (Thunder Bay Public Library, August 31, 2016)

TV Interviews
• “The Science of Tone Deafness” featuring Frank Russo of Ryerson University’s SMART Lab with Tim Falconer (TVO’s The Agenda in the Summer; July 27, 2016)

• “Bad Singer” featuring musician and singing coach Micah Barnes with Tim Falconer (TVO’s The Agenda in the Summer; July 28, 2016)

• “A witty autobiographical story, intertwined with fascinating nuggets of music history and science.”
— “The journey of a bad singer” by Ashley Corbett (The Coast, August 4, 2016)

• “How Tim Falconer Fought Tone Deafness and Neurology One Butchered Song at a Time” by Yasmin Tayag (Inverse; June 6, 2016)

• “On Writing, with Tim Falconer” (Open Book: Toronto; June 8, 2016)