One response to “The Music I Loved in 2017”

  1. Bill

    Hey Tim,
    Happy New Year!
    This is a reliably “Tim” list! It’s funny how weary I’ve grown of Bruce Hornsby & The Range aka The War on Drugs. For me the peak was that night at the Horseshoe a few years ago, a few hours after my little bike-on-bike incident a block from my house (and subsequent concussion). They never sounded so good as that night, all Andy Mackay squalling and squealing sax to go with their Eno-esque keyboard craziness. They’ve become so conventional since then, searching for superstardom I guess. I liked the National record too, but not that much. At least it had a couple of fast ones. They really need to do their Accelerate album and rock out for a change. As usual, my list is different:
    Bardo Pond, Under the Pines
    Brian Jonestown Massacre, Open Minds Now Close
    The Church, Man Woman Life Death Infinity
    Alice Coltrane, The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane
    The Dream Syndicate, How Did I Find Myself Here?
    Amp Fiddler, Amp Dog Knights
    Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band, Adiós Senõr Pussycat
    The Limiñanas, Istanbul Is Sleepy EP
    Charles Lloyd New Quartet, Passin’ Thru
    Luna, A Sentimental Education (covers LP) + A Place of Greater Safety (instrumental EP)
    Robin Trower, Time and Emotion